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CFRT Material Extrusion Line

Plate&Sheet extrusion line

CFRT Material Extrusion Line

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Electrical Component

Siemens,Schneider,Omron,Celduc,Abb Etc.

Mechanical Part

All Made By Jwell,Quality Controlled

Competitive Advantages

1.High Quality

2.High Capacity

3.Worldwide After-Sales Service(300 Engineers)

3.Worldwide After-Sales Service(300 Engineers)

4.More Than 30 Years Manufacturing Experience

5.The Mechanical Part Of The Equipment Is Completely Self-Produced, And The Quality Can Be Self-Controlled

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    Machine  description

    Unidirection Prepreg Tape Composite Extrusion Machine:
    CFRTP (Continuous Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic composites) is based on thermoplastic resin as matrix and continuous fiber as reinforcement material, a new type of thermoplastic composite material with high strength, high rigidity, high toughness, and recyclable that is formed through resin melt impregnation, extrusion and other processes.
    CFRTP-UD Unidirectional Tape: CFRT unidirectional tape is a single-layered, fiber-reinforced thermo plastic composite sheet in which the continuous fibers are unrolled and laid and impregnated with a thermoplastic resin. It is characterized by fibers arranged parallel to each other (0° direction) without interlacing. Product width 300-1500mm, can be customized.

    ① Basic resins: PP, PE, pet, pa6, PPS, peek, etc.
    ② Fiber type: glass fiber, carbon fiber, aramid fiber, basalt fiber and other high strength fibers.
    ③ Thickness of products: 0.1-0.45mm.
    ④ Product width: 50-1500mm.
    ⑤ Product surface density: 100-650gsm.
    ⑥ Fiber content of products: 40% - 70%.
    ⑦ Traction speed: 5-25m / min.


    Introduction of CFRTP Plate Composite Extrusion Machine:
    CFRT thermoplastic laminate composite production line: The thermoplastic composite board prepared by continuous fiber reinforced tape through a special process has excellent mechanical and physical properties. The overall density of the plate is only 1/5 of the steel plate and 1/2 of the aluminum plate.

    Production process

    Production process of CFRTP Material Extrusion Line:
    The pressure is transmitted by the upper and lower conveyor belts and the contact heating and cooling systems are integrated. The composite material will be heated evenly, and the material will be cooled before leaving the upper and lower belts. Different heating zones and cooling are combined according to different process requirements. The length of the zone and the number of pressing rollers, by controlling the temperature, speed and pressure, the material will be perfectly attached and have a good bond. The upper and lower belts have a uniform gap and precise spacing adjustment to ensure that the surface composite material is flat and wrinkle-free. To achieve continuous work.

    PRODUCT application

    Main application areas: medical equipment, automotive interior and exterior trims, thermoplastic winding pipes, sports leisure, electronic communication, home building materials, transportation logistics. 
    Transportation logistics: floor&inner liners and roof panels of rail vehicles, interior and exterior automotive trim, sleeper carriages, truck compartments, ship decoration panels, container liners and roof panels, etc.

    Military, spaceflight, ships, automotive lightweight, electronics, wind and electricity, construction, medical, sports and leisure, and other fields.
    Continuous fiber-reinforced composite material is made of reinforced fiber material:
    glass fiber(GF), carbon fiber(CF), aramid fiber(AF), ultra-high molecular polyethylene fiber(UHMW-PE), basalt fiber(BF) by using special process technology to makes high strength continuous fiber and thermal plastic&thermosetting resin soak with each other. Then extrusion and drawing processes are used to form the high strength, high toughness and recyclable thermal plastic resin composite material .commonly used plastic are PET, ABS, PP, PC, PA, PPS, POM, and other environmentally friendly thermoplastic materials.
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