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PP Hollow Building Template Extrusion Line

Plate&Sheet extrusion line

PP Hollow Building Template Extrusion Line

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Iso Ce Ul Tuv

Electrical Component

Siemens,Schneider,Omron,Celduc,Abb Etc.

Mechanical Part

All Made By Jwell,Quality Controlled

Competitive Advantages

1.High Quality

2.High Capacity

3.Worldwide After-Sales Service(300 Engineers)

3.Worldwide After-Sales Service(300 Engineers)

4.More Than 30 Years Manufacturing Experience

5.The Mechanical Part Of The Equipment Is Completely Self-Produced, And The Quality Can Be Self-Controlled

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    PP Modified material

    PP modified material

    PP modified material

    Products width




    Products thickness




    Extruder specification

    JWS130/35, JWS80/35

    JWS150/35, JWS80/35

    CJWH85, CJWH52, JWS80

    Capacity (Max.)




    PRODUCT descrption

    Through continuous innovation and testing, we have launched a good quality plastic plate extrusion line — the PP building template extrusion line to produce two PP building templates with only one mold at the same time, which not only greatly improves the equipment capacity(900-1000 pcs per day), but also saves energy and ensures high-quality products. The PP hollow building formwork or template produced by our production line has the features of uniform thickness, strong hardness, corrosion resistance, high quality and recyclable using. The fire-proof layers on the surface of the PP building templates produced by our co-extrusion production line meet the requirements of different EUR grades such as VO, V1, V2 and so on.
    The unique design of mold, calibration plate, cooling system, temperature system and vacuum system ensures high-speed extrusion, good wear resistance, shaping and easy operation.
    Through the design of two-stage combined haul off unit, the smoothness of products can be effectively controlled, and the unqualified products produced by each start-up can be greatly reduced.
    Special designed cutting device can minimize the rough edge of the PP building templates, automatic length counting cutting, easy operation based on computer control.div容器

    PRODUCT application

    PP building templates are widely used in the construction of residential buildings, office buildings, shopping malls, stations, plants, water conservancy, bridges, tunnels, drainage ditches, retaining walls, pipe corridors, culverts and other construction projects. When doing the installation, except for combination usage with traditional wooden profile, it can also do the combination usage with plastic profile.

    The turnover times of plastic building template can reach more than 150 times, and it can be recycled. Large temperature adaptation range, strong specification adaptability. The flatness and finish of the template surface exceed the technical requirements of the existing fair faced concrete template. It has the functions of flame retardancy, corrosion resistance, water resistance and chemical corrosion resistance, and has good mechanical properties and electrical insulation properties. It can meet the requirements of various cuboid, cube, L-shaped and U-shaped building template.
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