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PVC Window Shutter Extrusion Line

Plastic Profile Extrusion Line

PVC Window Shutter Extrusion Line

Place Of Origin



Iso Ce Ul Tuv

Electrical Component

Siemens,Schneider,Omron,Celduc,Abb Etc.

Mechanical Part

All Made By Jwell,Quality Controlled

Competitive Advantages

1.High Quality

2.High Capacity

3.Worldwide After-Sales Service(300 Engineers)

3.Worldwide After-Sales Service(300 Engineers)

4.More Than 30 Years Manufacturing Experience

5.The Mechanical Part Of The Equipment Is Completely Self-Produced, And The Quality Can Be Self-Controlled

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    Production Process

    Plastic Profile Extrusion Li120mfw






    Max width(mm)




    Max capacity(kg/h)




    PRODUCT application

    The PVC coextrusion foaming shutter production line design by our company,it is simple operate. The die head adopts quick-change Haff connection, which is convenient to replace. It can realize on-line punching and set length cutting. The specially designed screw structure ensure foaming evenly and stable output.
    The product features: energy-saving, good decoration; protect privacy and low price; it is warm in winter and cool in summer,which can stop ultraviolet rays; welding free assembly and simple fabrication.

    • Plastic Profile Extrusion Li123qce
    • Plastic Profile Extrusion Li124xuh


    High-efficient extruder brings higher output, uniform plasticization and stable production.
    Professional machining and assembly ensures extrusion stability and accuracy.
    Gearbox with Germany technology, long life, low noise.
    The equipment layout is based on Jwell's 26 years of extruder production experience. The equipment layout is reasonable and compact. The equipment has the advantages of high stability, large output, energy saving, intelligence, and long life.

    Plastic Profile Extrusion Li125r5n

    Calibration Unit

    The flow of water and gas can be precisely controlled, perfect coordination of molding molds.
    Long-term continuous and uninterrupted and stable production.
    Could be moved by motor or by hand.

    Plastic Profile Extrusion Li1351es

    Haul Off

    Precision traction with independent operation panel.
    Speed regulation by imported inverter.

    Plastic Profile Extrusion Li126x3v

    Cutter&Punching Machine

    Accurate cutting length, smooth cutting surface.
    Punching cleanly.
    Free setting punching parameters cutting size, automatic control, suitable for different specifications of the window shutters.
    The online punching and cutting can be completed at the same time.

    Plastic Profile Extrusion Li1281f2