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Fiber pre-impregnated tape extrusion machine and granulator machine

Plate&Sheet extrusion line

Fiber pre-impregnated tape extrusion machine and granulator machine

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Electrical Component

Siemens,Schneider,Omron,Celduc,Abb Etc.

Mechanical Part

All Made By Jwell,Quality Controlled

Competitive Advantages

1.High Quality

2.High Capacity

3.Worldwide After-Sales Service(300 Engineers)

3.Worldwide After-Sales Service(300 Engineers)

4.More Than 30 Years Manufacturing Experience

5.The Mechanical Part Of The Equipment Is Completely Self-Produced, And The Quality Can Be Self-Controlled

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    PRODUCT Characteristics 

    Characteristics of fiber pre-impregnated tape:
    Continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite material is a new type of thermoplastic composite material that is formed by resin melt impregnation, extrusion, and other processes using thermoplastic resin as the matrix and continuous fibers as the reinforcing material. It is characterized by high strength, high rigidity, high toughness, and recyclability.

    PRODUCT application

    Application fields of fiber pre-impregnated tape:
    Industries such as automotive interior and exterior accessories, thermoplastic winding pipes, sports and leisure, home building materials, transportation logistics, aerospace, etc.

    Feature of the production line

    1. This production line integrates the production of carbon fiber pre-impregnated tapes, glass fiber pre-impregnated tapes, and fiber granulation. The extruder adopts a parallel twin screw extruder design, which has a wide range of applications and can be used for the molding of special plastics and ordinary plastics;
    2. The yarn frame can facilitate the exchange and use of carbon fiber and fiberglass. It adopts flat and top out yarn designs, allowing for the selection of yarn discharge methods for different fibers and reducing yarn wear;
    3. The spreading machine adopts a unique screw lift to adjust the spreading angle, which is more convenient to adjust. The spreading roller surface is coated with ceramic coating, which is harder and more wear-resistant, resulting in better spreading effect;
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    4. The pre-impregnated mold adopts a dual-purpose structure, which is used for pre-impregnated tape and fiber granulation. The structure adopts lower feeding and wave cavity, which can improve the permeability of yarn and also play a role in yarn spreading. The granulation mold head adopts a split detachable structure, which can achieve multiple uses of the first mock examination;
    5. The forming machine adopts a three roll forming structure, which can improve the surface quality of the product, enhance the cooling effect, and increase the production capacity of the production line;

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    6. The cooling forming part adopts a multi-purpose form, the pre-impregnated belt adopts a cooling bracket form for air slow cooling, and the granulation uses a water tank cooling, making it versatile for one machine;
    7. The collection and traction parts of the finished products are all in a multifunctional form, suitable for the production of fiber granulation and pre-impregnated tapes.

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