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PVC Two Cavity Four Cavity Plastic Pipe Extrusion Line

Plastic Pipe Extrusion Line

PVC Two Cavity Four Cavity Plastic Pipe Extrusion Line

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Iso Ce Ul Tuv

Electrical Component

Siemens,Schneider,Omron,Celduc,Abb Etc.

Mechanical Part

All Made By Jwell,Quality Controlled

Competitive Advantages

1.High Quality

2.High Capacity

3.Worldwide After-Sales Service(300 Engineers)

3.Worldwide After-Sales Service(300 Engineers)

4.More Than 30 Years Manufacturing Experience

5.The Mechanical Part Of The Equipment Is Completely Self-Produced, And The Quality Can Be Self-Controlled

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    product Description

    In the production of small diameter pipe and requirements under the condition of  high output, especially shows the advantages of using dual-strand extrusion. The characteristics of  our dual-strand downstream equipment is with two sets of independent control circuit, the speed of each pipeline can be adjusted respectively, and can even produce different diameter of the pipe at the same time.
    Four strand extrusion line is suitable for the ≦32 mm pipe with high-speed production, unilateral pipe speed up to 25 m/min.
    This extrusion line adopts special screw and mould design, materials uniform plasticizing, fast production speed, low energy consumption. Control is easy to operate, reduce the technical requirements of the operation of operating workers. And effectively save the workshop space.

    Performance & Advantages

    PVC Dual pipe extrusion machine corresponding to the different requirements of pipe diameter and output, there are two types of SJZ80 and SJZ65 special twin-screw extruder optional; the dual pipe die evenly distributes the material output, and the pipe extrusion speed is quickly plasticized;
    High-efficiency double-vacuum cooling box can be controlled separately, and the adjustment operation is convenient in the production process;
    Dustless cutting machine, double station independent control, fast speed, accurate cutting length. Pneumatically rotating clamps eliminates the need to change clamps. With chamfering device optional.



    Pipe spec (mm)

    Max.output (kg/h)

    Total power (kw)

    JWG-PVC32(Four out)




    JWG-PVC63(Two out)




    JWG-PVC110(Two out)




    PRODUCT application

    Widely used in agricultural water supply and drainage, construction water supply and drainage, cable laying and other aspects,PVC plastic pipe because of its characteristics, widely used in oil field crude oil gathering and transportation, chemical use of temperature and corrosion resistant pipeline, hot water water supply and drainage pipeline, directly buried high and ultra high voltage power transmission, cable pipe protection and other fields.
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